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FAQ EDSAFE AI Industry Council

The EDSAFE AI Industry Council is made up of leading education and technology companies of all sizes committed to ensuring artificial intelligence and related technologies – in their own companies’ solutions and across the education landscape – are safe, accountable, fair, and effective (SAFE). 

Members of the Industry Council inform, support, and advocate for smart, EDSAFE-aligned public policy and principles; participate in knowledge sharing; and, help equip the adoption of SAFE technologies in collaboration with other Steering Committee groups. Industry Council members do NOT pay fees to participate. The Industry Council is currently chaired by Karl Rectanus, an industry veteran.
Interested in joining the EDSAFE AI Industry Council? Complete the application

Why join the EDSAFE AI Industry Council?
Becoming an EDSAFE AI Industry Council member offers a unique opportunity for companies at the forefront of education and artificial intelligence.

  • Shape the Future of AI in Education

As part of this pioneering group, your company solidifies its role as a critical player in shaping the future of AI in education, collaborating with a network of leaders who are equally committed to ethical and innovative technology integration in learning environments and further supporting the integration of the SAFE framework. This involvement not only positions your company as a critical player in the responsible development of EdTech but also provides a platform for influencing industry-wide standards and practices.

  • Amplify Your Organization’s Influence in Policy

Through best practice development, policy advocacy, and public outreach, council members take and drive leadership in promoting a balanced approach to AI integration that prioritizes ethical considerations, data privacy, and equitable student learning outcomes. This leadership work benefits the broader educational landscape and enhances your company's reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking leader in the edtech space.

  • Gain Access to Expertise, Research, and Insight

Leveraging expertise, knowledge and experience of this group is instrumental in ensuring that your offerings are competitive and aligned with the latest in ethical and practical educational technology. The collaborative projects and initiatives spearheaded by the council serve as a marker for how AI can be implemented across various constituencies and areas of practice utilizing the SAFE framework.

  • Build Relationships with Key Players and Organizations

Networking is another critical benefit of council membership. The diverse mix of professionals—from startup innovators to established industry leaders—facilitates unparalleled networking opportunities. These connections can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and even mentorship opportunities that can help accelerate your company's growth and development. The council's environment fosters open dialogue and collaboration, allowing members to share challenges, solutions, and successes in a supportive and forward-thinking community. Company executives ranging from CEOs to product leaders, growth and marketing executives represent their companies on the Industry Council.

What are the expectations of Industry Council Members? 

  • Support practices, policies, and approaches that advance and align with the SAFE Framework and SIIA’s Principles for AI in Education, both inside one’s own organization and across the field. 

  • Name a single point of contact for the organization to receive, respond to, and engage with activities of the EDSAFE AI Industry Council.

  • Provide clear and timely feedback and recommendations for policy development, events, and/or EDSAFE AI strategic direction to advance the tenets and goals of the SAFE Framework

  • Share news, information, findings, innovations and ideas within your own organization and across the field to advance the tenets and goals of the SAFE Framework

  •  Participate in efforts to promote responsible AI integration in educational settings, including speaking engagements and participation in public forums.

What are the benefits for organizations that join the EDSAFE AI Industry Council?

  • Influence Across the Sector: Provide feedback, input, and expertise during this transformational time in education, for local, state, federal, and international policy, practices, and initiatives


  • Strategic Insights: Access to the latest research, trends, and developments in AI and
    education, helping to inform strategic decisions.


  • Networking Opportunities: Connections with a diverse network of leaders and innovators in the EdTech space, opening doors to potential collaborations and partnerships.


  • Thought Leadership: Speaking, writing, and/or resource sharing opportunities to highlight efforts, importance, and understanding of AI policies, practices and approaches aligned with the SAFE Framework. 


  • Brand Visibility and Differentiation: Enhanced brand recognition and reputation as a thought leader committed to ethical and effective AI integration in education.


  • Innovative Edge: Opportunities to participate in pilot projects and initiatives that test new technologies and methodologies, keeping the company at the cutting edge of EdTech innovation.


  • Community Impact: A role in driving positive change in the education sector by supporting responsible and innovative uses of AI that improve learning outcomes and operational efficiency.

What is the focus of the EDSAFE AI Industry Council in 2024?
The Industry Council is focused on:

  • Expanding understanding and participation of companies in the education sector that artificial intelligence in ensuring their practices and approaches align with the SAFE Framework;


  • Bringing industry voice, insights and expertise to EDSAFE Alliance’s goals of ensuring education sector informs public policy; and,


  • Sharing and celebrating examples of SAFE-aligned AI innovations with alliance partners, the education sector and policymakers.

What are the EDSAFE AI Alliance and its Industry Council NOT doing?

The Alliance and the Industry Council are designed to support the SAFE advancement of AI in education by equipping and informing organizations and their leaders across the sector to make independent decisions that align with the SAFE framework, in a rapidly evolving landscape.
Lest there be confusion, the EDSAFE and its Industry Council are NOT:

  • Evaluating or certifying technologies;

  • Creating AI solutions;

  • Providing endorsement or validation of SAFE alignment;

  • Competing with companies 

  • Lobbying; or,

  • Targeting or identifying malicious intent.

What is the 2024 calendar for Industry Council members?

Currently, the Industry Council plans two types of scheduled events:

  • Industry Council Quarterly: Quarterly virtual meetings aligned with the EDSAFE AI Steering Committee schedule to receive updates and provide input on EDSAFE AI Alliance efforts and priorities. 

  • Alliance Coordinated Events: Ad hoc opportunities, coordinated by EDSAFE AI and member organizations at industry conferences and policy events to inform, network and share. 

What does it mean to align policies and practices with the SAFE Framework?
Recognizing that different companies and organizations have context, product, geographic and other factors impacting their own AI policies, practices, and standards, making it impossible for all companies to currently adopt a single standard. However, companies should be able to clearly show, share, and articulate how the policies, practices and standards align with the tenets and requirements of the SAFE framework (link) to advance safety, accountability, fairness and effectiveness. As an example, the SIIA seven edtech principles for AI clearly map to the spirit and the letter of the SAFE framework.
Is there a cost, fee, or membership dues for participating companies?
No. EDSAFE AI is philanthropically supported, and intentionally intended to provide the widest access to organizations of all sizes and scopes.
Please note, as an alliance, some alliance organizations may host events in collaboration with EDSAFE AI, have membership dues, hold conferences, or otherwise provide services that have financial investments or costs which are independent and separate from EDSAFE AI Industry Council. They may also offer discounts or benefits to EDSAFE AI Industry Council members. However, these are independent and there are no requirements to participate, pay for, or benefit from any of these.
How does an organization become an Industry Council Member?

  1. Review the commitments document and gain organizational support to align policies and practices with the SAFE Framework.

  2. Complete a registration, which includes:

    • Organization details 

    • Commitment to SAFE framework

    • Point of Contact information

  3. Become engaged by:

    • Activating education on the SAFE Framework within your organization to ensure policies, practices and solutions align;

    • Providing input, feedback and insights through point of contact on policy, papers, or initiatives to advance SAFE; and,

    • Participating in future events at industry conferences and elsewhere to network and share. 

Members of the EDSAFE AI Industry Council support the SAFE framework. Joining the Industry Council is not intended to be an industry pledge, commitment, or legally binding action.

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