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Policy Frameworks

The work of the EDSAFE centers around the SAFE Benchmarks Framework as we engage stakeholders to align equitable outcomes for all learners and improved working experiences for dedicated and innovative educators. We intend to clarify the urgency and specific areas of need to prevent failures in data management that compromise the potential for how responsible AI can be a lever for equity and innovation while protecting student privacy. Frameworks and benchmarks are important to innovation as a means of targeted guidance, focusing disparate efforts towards shared objectives and outcomes and ensuring the development of appropriate guidelines and guardrails. 

Fellowship Programs

Women in AI & AI Catalyst 

The Women in AI and AI Catalyst Fellowship are year- long programs that support exceptional and impact-minded individuals by providing an outstanding platform to learn and work on questions of AI in education. Fellows have the opportunity to work with world-renowned experts in AI safety, ethics, and policy. They also participate in a rigorous seminar series, where they learn about the latest advances in AI research and discuss the potential impacts of AI on society.

AI Policy Labs Network

The AI Policy Labs are a network of districts nationwide that have come together to develop a "policy stack" - including acceptable use policies, parent communication and consent policies, and professional development resources for their districts. This collaborative effort is a significant step towards leveraging AI in education more effectively and aligned with the SAFE framework.


By working together in an open science approach, the network aims to create a comprehensive policy stack supporting AI's responsible, secure integration in K-12 education by involving experts from various fields.


Meet the Team

DXtera Institute catalyzed, convened
and incubated the EdSAFE AI Alliance with numerous engaged participants from its inception in 2020 through September 2023. This Alliance emerged as a community engaged in international, collaborative efforts to build trust in the education market for the use of AI.

EDSAFE is now led by global experts in the AI space and InnovateEDU. The EDSAFE AI Alliance brings a powerful network of partners, subject matter experts, technologists, researchers, and practitioners.  AI technologies play a pivotal role in our education ecosystems. We want to ensure that the role is equitable and safe.



An international expert and noted technologist on education technology, enterprise architecture and emerging technologies. She advises policymakers and governments on the most pressing educational policy issues at the intersection of tech and data. 



An international expert on strategy, programs and partnerships to close gaps in educational opportunity, achievement and student success through AI and emerging technology.  Jim has a long history of being a champion of equity. 




For 20 years, Beth has been passionately supporting change in the development and growth of tools and strategies that enable a stronger, more interoperable education innovation ecosystem working with thousands of schools, Ministries of Education, and education software, publishing  companies in 46 countries. 



Nidhi is an ed-technologist passionate about equitable, learner-centered redesign and has worked all over the world with innovative learning communities. She co-founded The EdTech Equity Project with Madison Jacobs while serving as a Tech Policy Fellow at the Aspen Institute.



Throughout his distinguished career in multiple sectors, including military service and as the STEM policy leader at the US Department of Education during the Obama Administration, he has also contributed to innovation strategies and policy initiatives in collaboration with non-profit and philanthropic organizations.



An international expert with a diverse skill set comes from bringing academic, government, deep technical with real world edtech industry leadership together, enabling a unique perspective on solving education system issues.

He recently he wrote the EDSAFE AI policy guidance framework, authored the AU Govt report "AI in Australian Education Snapshot: Principles, Policy and Practice” . 





A boundary spanning learning designer, facilitator, and community engagement specialist. Having earned his doctorate in Instructional Technology with an emphasis on creative applications of learning technologies and critical aesthetic pedagogy, his work emphasizes the thoughtful reimagining of learning in order to best build habits around curiosity, empathy, community, equity, and joy.

EDSAFE AI Alliance maintains councils that bring together the foremost experts in industry, research, and practice at the intersection of education and AI.  These councils produce resources for the field, serve as advisors and experts, and help break down silos within the education sector and build understanding.

Our Industry Council  

Karl Rectanus is an educator, entrepreneur, advisor, and investor, whose professional career has focused on expanding the effectiveness of education systems to deliver better outcomes for all.Originally a K12 educator and administrator in the United States and abroad, Karl has launched and led four successful education innovation organizations, and advises dozens of others.  Most notably, he cofounded and led LearnPlatform, a category-creating research organization  named #38 on the 2023 Forbes Most Innovative Companies in the World list.  

Industry Council Chair - Karl Rectanus



By joining forces and complementing rather than competing with stakeholders in the space, we can address one of our time's most pressing educational policy challenges. Click the logo below to read stories about EDSAFE AI Alliance and our work.

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