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Education and Tech Companies Make Commitment to Responsible AI Development [EdWeek Market Brief]

As questions about artificial intelligence’s role in schools continue to grow, a new industry effort encourages education and technology companies to commit to using AI responsibly and advocate for its effective use in schools.

The EDSAFE AI Alliance, an advocacy organization, has launched an industry council with more than 50 founding member companies that are agreeing to ensure that AI development is safe, accountable, fair, and effective — foundational principles of the parent organization.

“There’s a massive amount of capacity for AI in our education technology solution providers. So how do we ensure that we’re working together?” said Karl Rectanus, chair of the EdSAFE AI Industry Council, in explaining the industry group’s purpose.

“This was our big-tent strategy to help any company participate and open up lines of communication and to equip everybody to have shared lexicon, shared updates, shared information.”

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