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AI in EdTech

AI, AIEd, instruction, education operations, Risks, challenges, Policymakers

AI is prolific in our day to day technology and also now in our education technology (edtech). The trend will exponentially
increase in the coming years and it will determine the future of how children interact with each other, their play, the way they experience their education and the societies they live in. It is imperative to ensure that everything is done to support a responsible use of AI and address risks and challenges which can negatively affect the futures of the education ecosystem.

The SAFE Benchmarks Framework

SAFE, Standards, Benchmarks, Safety, Accountability, Fairness, Efficacy

The work of the ESAA centres around the SAFE Benchmarks Framework as we engage stakeholders to align to an equitable outcome for all learners and improved working experiences for dedicated and innovative educators. Our intent is to clarify the urgency and specific areas of need to prevent failures in data management that compromise the potential for how responsible AI can be a lever for equity for educators and learners alike.
Frameworks and benchmarks are important to innovation as a means of targeted guidance; focusing disparate efforts towards shared objectives and outcomes, and ensuring the development of appropriate restraints.

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