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The Week in Review: Policy Responses for AI's Power

Artificial Intelligence | Chattanooga Times Free Press

Clay Bennett’s Times cartoon for May 21, 2023


Power vs. Policy. Every paradigm shift starts with potential that quickly receives suggestions for policy regulation. And though each week brings with it so many surprises from the field on AI's impact on industry, policy and education, this one in particular has quite a bit of significance we've recently talked about here. Our response to The White House's announcement for the latest measures being pursued to harness AI's promise and avoiding pitfalls across sectors included a comprehensive report commissioned by the Office of Educational Technologies and produced by Digital Promise, and included contributions from the EdSAFE community and leadership.

The 70-page report which prioritises issues that affect teaching and learning and offers ample recommendations for successfully navigating the paradigm shift, supplants any other weekend reading for stakeholders. Yet the context of other headlines and announcements increases the value of the ideas contained within.

Our call to action remains concise and consistent: if you are concerned about how we can leverage innovation while remaining safe in our profession, we need your involvement. The conversation is only getting started and the months ahead will require deliberate efforts to maintain progress to guide lawmakers and education leaders interfacing with technology companies.

The EdSAFE Global Pledge, our fellowship, working groups, publications and events are accomplishing what we envisioned thanks to our growing membership. Please consider your entry point and reach out so we can mutually benefit from our network of networks!

Here are some of this week's other stories for your continued learning about AI's impact on our world and work:

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