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The Week in Review: Pangea in Reverse

After a decade of thinking we were connecting through social media, AI is bringing us all together. Admittedly, this isn’t news or a revelation, but like a virtual version of our continental drift, but in reverse, AI is making the world realign for the sake of safety across a number of concerns. Education may be our focus for all at EdSAFE, but we realize how our field influences all others over time, as students move beyond postsecondary plans to being contributing citizens according to their aspirations. It is our hope that technologies being employed now relative to those being developed, are done so with a desire to unify a factious world that is literally in need of positive outcomes. We need AI to bring us together.

This been observable for a long enough time, especially in the mainstream culture as AI has ushered in a paradigm shift by way of the “ChatGPT Effect”. We are talking about AI’s impact with a breadth and depth unlike many prior breakthroughs. A random contributor on Reddit recently said that comparing AI to social media or smartphones or the Internet is insufficient. ChatGPT>LLM>AI, as a sort of nested set is actually more comparable to the invention of the wheel or ability to generate fire. So, accordingly, a shift in comparison of present bombshells with recent history isn’t as appropriate to a comparison that encompasses all of humanity’s progress in invention.

As such, we can ask how does this impact our work in education, with all of its inherent and competing urgencies compared to available resources? If it’s happening in another sector or field, it can happen to education.

Therefore, A wider lens to maintain a discerning perspective is simply emerging technology. By nature, framing our work to apply merging technology is more effective as general technological innovation is typically devised upstream from impacting specific sectors such as ours, education technology.

This week, there were many updates from organizations of all kinds contributing to the continuing dialogue. Maintaining that perspective that we’re working towards each other is an emerging theme for these emerging technologies. May it continue to be so.

Per usual, we hope you enjoy this diverse list of select resources and stories below, and consider how signing the EdSAFE Global Pledge and becoming a member encourage our ongoing collaboration for the sake of our field.

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