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The Week in Review: LLMs continue to dominate.

Updated: Feb 25

We enjoy sharing what we're reading at the Alliance and passing along valuable resources to our readers and members. This week the, the conversation has expanded from ChatGPT in general to Google's Bard and Microsoft's release of Bing with embedded ChatGPT. The tenor of those stories isn't the most positive, and that's too be expected.

We are in the rockets-crashing-on-the-launchpad era of AI in general and this month, seeing that play out with these deployments of Large Language Models. The failures always feel more dramatic and threatening than they actually are, and these things happening in the public increases the probability of scrutiny leading to smart regulatory responses.Hit me.

Alliance member, Dan Ingvarson has been explaining this in his series on LLM and his words can make the following list of stories even more accessible.

So, for your weekend reading, here are a number of stories that expand the topic even further.

Learning about AI, Generative AI, and LLMs:

In favor of LLMs:

Caveats with LLMs:

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