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The Week in Review: Grabbing the Microphone

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you follow AI in the mainstream headlines, the stories that have come out this week seem to be a competition between lawmakers, CEOs, and pundits fighting for the limelight. There are announcements of progress made on legislation and Fortune 500 companies announcing their plans to implement AI to appease the interests of their shareholders. There is also a fair share of responding to the stories and use cases from the past couple months in particular, and a pivot towards the near future with some predictions and caveats.

For the EdSAFE AI network, this is less surprising than validating to why we're bringing together the right sectors and partie to ensure safe usage of emerging technologies for both educators and the learners they serve.

As a community of practice, please share with us what stories and resources you are finding most insightful!

AI & Lawmakers

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