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The Week in Review: From the Senate Chambers to our iPhones.

Updated: May 26

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Between mainstream and education specific events this past week, the conversation seems to be turning more and more towards the work of EdSAFE—equitable representation in legislative efforts for emerging technology. OpenAI’s Sam Altman, along with Professor Gary Marcus of MIT and Christine Montgomery of IBM, served on a panel before the US congress to help shape the government’s response to regulatory needs. OpenAI released their iOS app for iPhone, to boot. And in our field, EdSAFE member organization, Digital Promise joined the TeachAI project, recently launched by ISTE, ETS with leadership and backing from

With each passing week, the efforts seem too much like pageantry and not enough like policy. If AI issues were a herd, there are wranglers of all types atop horses circling the stampede, providing only a modicum of cardinal direction across the plains. And as one could likely guess, we’re talking cats not cows. All one has to do is watch a few videos from the AI Explained channel to see amazing examples of what will soon be possible, hence the need for proper guardrails that don't stifle innovation and perhaps even guide the field towards a shared global vision for AI in our lives—particularly for the compounding benefit to our world through the longplay of quality learning experiences in our schools.

For all who have seen the opening scenes of the Social Dilemma, one might imagine Sam Altman was one of the technology leaders with the regretful look on the states for his contributions to building social networks specifically tuned to exploit human tendencies and introducing the mainstream concept of algorithmically determined content. Mr. Altman was not in that documentary. He was in the US capital testifying before the US Congress.

From the senate chambers to our iPhones, below is a list of this week’s wide-spanning stories that caught our attention. As always, please enjoy, reflect and let us know what caught your attention also.

Microsoft Says New AI Shows Signs of Human Reasoning - The New York Times

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