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The Week in Review: All Agree We're at a Tipping Point

Across sectors, this week's headlines and conversations seem to be about theory applied, and specifically, that we've crossed the AI Rubicon. It will feel that way next week and even next month, actually. This is what it feels like to encounter a modern paradigm shift relative to a shift in trends or fads. The novelty of what generative AI can do is already gaining a relative "patina".

Below are a collection of recent headlines that expound upon this week's narrative theme on AI. We anticipate more stories in the forecast that demonstrate how developments will impact not only our field of education, but the context in which education serves society. How edtech companies position their products with explicit AI functionality in their marketing language will be interesting to watch with SXSW EDU on the near horizon. Startups and established edtech companies alike are finding their footing as the landscape shifts. And as these edtech companies integrate these technologies into their roadmaps, we suspect this means we're going to see a lot of surprising demos in the months ahead, which is why we're presenting at SXSW EDU. If you're going to attend Beth's session or would like to learn more about our work at EdSAFE, please reach out—maybe we can find some Austin-authentic tacos or BBQ if warranted by the conversation!

Enjoy the following stories for your weekend reading and those that you find useful to our continued work and dialogue!

Specifically in EdTech

AI’s Implications for Industry & Society

Tech Companies Racing to Iterate

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