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The EdSAFE Team's Activity in Europe

Starting with UNESCO's Global Education Coalition (GEC) and carrying forward to BETT without missing a beat, EdSAFE's Beth Havinga and Dan Ingvarson shared from the breadth of expertise in education technology and policy with inquisitive audiences.

Beth's contributions to the GEC can be viewed on UNESCO's YouTube Channel, along with others presenting at this prestigious event.

Of equal weight, Dan Ingvarson joined Beth in London for BETT 2023 to present and act as panelists for edtech startups.

Then EdSAFE member and education sage, Rose Luckin introduced the Global Pledge for the safety and bettering of the entire education landscape.

Most education conferences set their programme agendas many months in advance. The theme for 2023 at these events will likely continue to be how AI's boisterous entreé into the mainstream, even reorienting the priorities for the organizers. However, based on the responses from the crowd, it's safe to assume that most stakeholders are looking for pointed support for the paradigm shift we're all experiencing and desire to learn more about emerging technologies—particularly, AI.

Between our growing membership and the new Global Pledge, we expect demand for support in policy work and AI literacy to continue to expand.

Please reach out to learn more and join the cause—educators, students, and our communities need your involvement.

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