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Shifting from Lobbying to Legislating

Image from Pixabay.

Coordinated with Senator Schumer’s recent announcement regarding a national AI framework, The White House is continuing forward with the Biden-Harris Administration’s agenda for appropriately regulating AI, while big tech leaders concurrently prove why such sensible regulation is an urgent need. As we’ve said recently here at EdSAFE, it’s important to take all the headlines in aggregate and be aware that published stories may seem erratic. They are—by design. It was our “first contact” with AI (as Tristan Harris calls it) came through social media and began the war for our attention. And those algorithms worked. They’re still working even now, in parallel with what Harris referred to as the “second contact” humanity has experienced with the large language model, ChatGPT and soon others.

Preventing us from making the same historical mistakes derived from social media now in the AI era is really the driver. It’s why EdSAFE exists: to make certain for the sake of all involved in the education landscape are receiving all the benefits of innovation while mitigating the risks—whether human or synthetic—in privacy, in bias and equity, and in terms of education efficacy.

As the EdSAFE team continues to travel and present as well as publish and convene, we are excited to have a chance to make a palpable difference on the policy front along with our member organizations in accordance with shared values and a common mission. Likewise, we are honored to play our part with a focus on expert-informed policy framework development and relationship-building in order to support the work of our colleagues in other organizations playing to their strengths to make amazing tools infused with AI and inclusion of AI in curricula—even beyond STEM!

Per usual, there's more in the headlines below, and as always, please share your own observations and findings so we gain fresh perspectives and grow ourselves!

Efforts from policymakers.

Concerns about economic impact.

Big tech’s big moves

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