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EdSAFE Launches AI Network Fellowship With Diversity Emphasis

Lauren Lopez

Aug 5, 2022

Today, the Alliance announced the launch of a leadership network fellowship: a five-month fellowship designed to connect underrepresented AI in education thought leaders to enrich the knowledge and thought leadership of the global discussions about AI in education.

Boston, MA — Aug 3, 2022— The EdSAFE AI Alliance, founded by Riiid Labs and DXtera Institute, is becoming an emerging presence for coalescing influential sectors to develop benchmarks in AI for education. Today, the Alliance announced the launch of a leadership network fellowship: a five-month fellowship designed to connect underrepresented AI in education thought leaders to enrich the knowledge and thought leadership of the global discussions about AI in education. The Fellowship launches in early September and the Alliance is now seeking nominations for the first two cohorts, Women in AI, and also Education Leaders in AI.

“In order to expedite the design and implementation of quality benchmarks and standards for all involved in safe and effective teaching and learning with AI in EdTech, we need to amplify the voices of diverse and often downstream roles and cohorts of education professionals,” said Jim Larimore of Riiid Labs and cofounder of the Alliance. “We want to move from high-level benchmarks incorporated into learning tools to the ground level where education stakeholders are actually being impacted. Ultimately, we hope to solve what is basically a human rights matter: access to quality education for all.”

Dale Allen, EdSAFE co-founder and President and Co-Founder of The DXtera Institute, explained, “standards, specifications and processes can help students, teachers, and parents feel confident that AI-related products and services are safe and built with equity in mind.” He continued saying, “There is a timely need for the right people to be sharing their perspectives to improve the product roadmaps for technology vendors with forward thinking standards that guide responsible and ethical technology development.”

Beth Havinga, Managing Director of the EdSAFE AI Alliance said, “In order to provide equitable access to education, it is imperative to ensure all learning communities and learner types are being addressed and heard. We are excited to bring together an international group of women leaders in AI and educational leaders implementing AI technologies to learn from industry and policy experts and share their insights for further shaping this crucial emerging topic impacting our field.”

During the program, participants will exchange experiences, increase their global visibility, grow their network and become a part of the ESAA thought leadership network, which can be called on for conferences, papers, interviews and discussion panels as global leaders in this topic. The cohort groups will provide valuable feedback to the alliance and make recommendations for future activities.

Fellows will meet regularly to discuss best-practice solutions to common challenges facing equitable and effective teaching and learning using reliable AI technologies in education. Additionally, participants will benefit from guest experts, global networking with like-minded peers, increasing their global visibility and contributing to conferences, publishing papers, and further contributing to interviews and discussion panels with their Fellowship credentials.

The Alliance will continue to announce additional cohorts based upon demand by other various roles and groups, guided by an engaged membership of over 180 companies, organizations, and agencies from around the world. More information about the Fellowship as well as a full list of participants and the Alliance information can be found at


About EdSAFE AI Alliance

The EdSAFE AI Alliance brings together existing networks, frameworks, education organizations, research and standards bodies creating a single global network to learn from, connect and work with each other. The Alliance comprises over 180 engaged participants from 20 countries and provides global leadership for the development of a safer, more equitable and more trusted education ecosystem of AI innovation.

About Riiid

Riiid is a global leader in AI solutions for education, backed by more than $250 million (USD) in funding and named in the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 list of the most innovative AI startups. Leveraging the power of AI, the company is driving a paradigm shift in education with technology that personalizes instruction for all students, with the aim of democratizing quality education anywhere in the world. The company provides solutions for K-12 education, postsecondary education and corporate training. As a leading force in AI technology, Riiid has published research papers at top AI conferences including NeurIPS, CSEDU, and LAK. The company has applied for more than 150 patents, 27 of which are registered. In 2020, Riiid established the company's global arm based in Silicon Valley, California, to expand its business across the U.S., South America, Middle East and beyond. For more information, please visit

About DXtera Institute

The DXtera Institute is a non-profit consortium with active members around the world. Our consortium includes some of the brightest minds in education and technology, who all work together to solve critical higher education issues on a global scale. In close collaboration with our members, DXtera provides solutions, technical services, and community support in the areas of next-generation education systems, data management, and integration solutions. For more information please visit

ESAA Contact: Beth Havinga

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