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A Policy Framework for AI

Beth Havinga

Dec 5, 2022

Creating a framework for policy assessment and implementation that will assess and support the development of AI In education regulations, guidelines and laws.

With funding from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, the EdSAFE AI Alliance is developing a framework which will act as a guided support mechanism to aid in the active engagement with policy makers at a local level based on global experience. Differentiated descriptions and explanations of possible, related outcomes will make it possible to provide targeted feedback and advice on the strength and scope of proposed regulations and ensure that the adoption of AI technologies in education is safe, encompasses real-world examples and needs, and maintains a place for innovation in any proposed plans.

The Framework will address:

  • Appropriate scope of the regulation

  • The practical effect the implementation of the regulations will have on all levels of the education ecosystem

  • Possibilities for necessary innovation practices

  • Whether key topics (such as bias, privacy, interoperability, and equity) have been adequately addressed

  • Practical examples with a global perspective

In the process, the ESAA will evaluate current systems and areas of research to identify systemic gaps which can negatively restrict or limit the development of equitable solutions. 

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